Well, I’m sorry to my followers I know I haven’t posted in a while.As some of you may know I’m from Boston, Massachusetts - I have grown up & lived here my entire life. The bombings on Monday, well when I first found out I thought were some sort of a sick joke. My dad who was at the marathon had called me, telling me that a bomb had gone off towards the finish line, he (i believe) was where the second bomb went off, luckly he had left about 40 minutes before hand. My mom was going to attend, to watch her friend finish the race - to stand at the finish. Luckly she had desided for what ever reason not to go that day. [Her friend as far as i know is okay!] I know a few of my teachers, even my therapists attend or run the marathon, as far as i know they are okay as well! I’m extermely thankful for my family & friends making it throught this tragic event, I can’t imagine losing any of them..
I am saddend to say 3 people lost there lives on Monday, 170 were injuried by these bombs. Tonight my city is celebrating that these men, who for what ever reason desided to attack my city are caputered/dead. Personally I want to say my thoughts go out to the families of those 3 innocent people who lost their lives along with those people & their families in the hospitals.